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BCS third party collection services are designed to maximize recovery of delinquent accounts in the shortest time possible while maintaining the highest standards of professional conduct. Our collectors are briefed on your company’s collection objectives and the unique characteristics of your accounts. Within minutes of placement we start work to recover your funds and follow a systematic process to shorten the time between first contact and receipt of payment.

With professional debt collectors trained in collection psychology and negotiation, our experienced staff expedites debt repayment by executing our comprehensive debt recovery plans.

We also arm our seasoned collectors with a Collect Software system that records all activities in real-time and schedules contacts at the optimum hours to reach debtors. BCS can generate Comprehensive Account reports customized to meet your needs and onsite management regularly reviews accounts to ensure priority attention to your portfolio.

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About Us

BCS (Bison Credit Solution) is a third party collection agency that provides a full range of collection, litigation and accounts receivable management services to recover outstanding consumer and commercial debt.

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