Listing an Account for Collection

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Every client has unique collection needs, so we will tailor our services specifically for you.

To have BCS collect on your account immediately, please call our office at 1-877-686-8522, or in Calgary 403-263-7670. We will discuss your needs and provide the most appropriate collection option for you. Files can be submitted by email, fax, or mail to Bison Credit Solutions, 3402 8th Street S.E., Calgary, AB. T2G 5S7. Files can be submitted in volume in any format that you utilize. Consult with BCS for more information. When submitting an account, provide as much information as possible about the debtor, including:

  • personal or business contact address
  • any business or personal phone, cell phone numbers and email addresses
  • emergency contact numbers and family member names
  • payment method utilized by debtor and any NSF cheques or credit card transactions
  • amount owing and interest rate charged
  • date of last payment or date when account became delinquent
  • signed credit application
  • personal guarantee
  • credit bureau pulled at the time the account was established
  • last statement to the debtor
  • any written communications to or from the debtor
  • Notes regarding the nature of the debt, or any dispute involved
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About Us

BCS (Bison Credit Solution) is a third party collection agency that provides a full range of collection, litigation and accounts receivable management services to recover outstanding consumer and commercial debt.

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