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BCs has pursued hundreds of legal actions and recovered millions of dollars for clients.

In most cases accounts are resolved through collection activity. The size of the account or the likelihood of substantial recovery can also deter litigation.

If our comprehensive credit review demonstrates that a debtor has the means to deal with the account but remains uncooperative, we will recommend litigation. In fact, litigation may be warranted despite debtor circumstances since Judgments remain in place for 10 years in most jurisdictions.

Our in-house legal department will manage the entire file through Small Claims Court or Court of Queen’s Bench should a client sign-off on litigation. In a majority of jurisdictions, litigation must be commenced within two years of the debt been incurred. The earlier it is pursued the more likely a positive outcome.

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BCS (Bison Credit Solution) is a third party collection agency that provides a full range of collection, litigation and accounts receivable management services to recover outstanding consumer and commercial debt.

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