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Our Unique Advantage

BCS can demonstrate a proven track record in collecting consumer and commercial debt for clients of all sizes. We customize a solution for you that will recover your funds as quickly as possible.

We take a respectful approach to collections, not only because we are dealing with your clients but because we know that most people that owe money have reasons for not paying. Our collection officers are experts in the art of motivating payments and amicable account resolution.

Our competitive advantages include:

  • We are a full service, Third Party Collection agency operating since 1992
  • We operate seven days a week, providing twelve hour a day collection coverage
  • We offer a full suite of services including Early Out, Collections, Builder’s Lien and Litigation services
  • Our In-house legal department has substantial Small Claims and Queens’ Bench experience
  • Our Clients include leading private sector and public sector organizations
  • We can provide References from satisfied clients in related businesses to yours
  • We empower our collectors with State-of-the-art technology to maximize collector efficiency, and provide real-time tracking on accounts
  • We are committed to constant improvement and innovation for clients
  • Our clients can obtain customized account reports
  • Our owner and management is onsite, providing ongoing staff training, account review and quality assurance
  • Our seasoned staff average over 10 years industry tenure
  • We work with National partners and affiliates in asset protection and recovery
  • We have a Full service skip-tracing department on site
  • Our rates are competitive
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Bison Credit Solutions
3402 – 8th St SE

Tel: (403) 263 7670
Fax: (403) 263 7623

About Us

BCS (Bison Credit Solution) is a third party collection agency that provides a full range of collection, litigation and accounts receivable management services to recover outstanding consumer and commercial debt.

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